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(Red) Wire Algae


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Howdy. Has anyone in ARC successfully battled red wire algae (Gelidiopsis)? What methods did you use? The two I've read on wetwebmedia is a) increased weekly water changes (which I'm loathe to do); and b) reduced feedings.


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Wetwebmedia answer copied in below. I think you are pretty much stuck on manual removal and extra water changes. You might want to try some emerald crabs. They seem to eat anything that other guys won't.

That being said, why wouldn't you jump up your water changes? Considering that a bucket of salt is around 30-40$ and makes hundreds of gallons of water it is about the cheapest thing we do for our aquarium. Its really pretty easy if you set it up right. And its the most effective maintenance task in our arsenal for almost any issue we see.

Below from http://www.wetwebmedia.com/redalgidf3.htm

ID of some red algae 7/5/07

Hi Crew!

<Hi there, Mich here.>

Just wondering if you can ID this red algae for me.

<Perhaps, looks/sounds like Gelidiopsis AKA wire algae. The filaments are typically wiry and tough. >

It's spreading slowly, but spreading just the same.

<They often do that. Gelidiopsis is typically slow growing.>

I have already cut my feedings in half to control nutrients.

<A good place to start. A refugium with macro algae could help. Please read here and check out the related link in blue

http://www.wetwebmedia.com/refugium.htm >

I perform 15% water changes weekly.


I also tried a toothbrush to scrub it off and it doesn't come off easy.

<Will likely just spread it more... May actually be better to remove a very thin layer off the surface of you live rock using a chisel in an attempt to remove all traces of the algae.>

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