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Hi-Pro Growth Flake


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I have a lot of extra flake that I would like share. I bought 4 pounds of flake when i had 8 big fw tanks up and running. My freshwater babies are getting too big to eat this (and i have downsized a lot in the last 6 months, so a lot will go to waste). My sw clowns love it too, but it's going to take forever to go thru. $1.50/ounce or heck I will do trades too lol.

Nutrition info:

Analysis: Salmon Fish Meal, Plankton & Krill Powder Mix, Oat, Wheat Flours, Gluten, & Soy-Meal Flours, Brewers Yeast, Shrimp, Kelp Meal, Frozen or Dried Brine-Shrimp. Fish Oil, Lecithin, Dried Spirulina, Vitamin Supplements: A, D-3, B1, B-12, Choline HCL, Biotin, Double Stabilized Vitamin "C", Methionine, No Preservatives, Some Coloring Min. Crude Protein - 55 %; Min. Crude Fat - 7.1%; Min. Crude Fiber - 4.2%; Max. Moisture - 8.2%

It is a mixture of egg, earthworm and brine shrimp flake purchased online from AngelsPlus.


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