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~10g Biocube

Capt. Obvious

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I have:

an approx 10 gallon bicube (with pump)...no stand

approx 10-15 lbs of live rock

black sand

small mag float


cheap timer

live stock:

Pair of mated maroon clowns

Randall Goby

Japanese Pistol Shrimp

the bad:

one fan is no longer spinning (easy fix)

needs a new PC bulb (or possibly ballast) either way cheap/easy fix

The little clips that hold the "sub door"(aka feeding door) are broken so thesub door comes off when you try to open it (you can't tell until you try and open it)


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Alright since you poeple want to break it down here it is (and yes it will be more $$ if I break it down)

Tank (pump, LR, sand etc)- $70

the clown pair - $35

the goby/shrimp - $25

let me know if anyone is interested.

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