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46g Bowfront w/ Stand, Lights, Protein Skimmer


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The 46g is ready to go...established 2.5 year tank...this was my first one!! It comes with:

*46g bowfront and stand

*HOB Red Sea Prizm protein Skimmer

*HOB Emperor 400 filter


*at least 50 pounds of liverock filled with zoas, palys, mushrooms, pulsing xenia, frilly rhodactus mushrooms

*live sand ...

*36" GLO T5 fixture...bulbs are appox. 6 months old

It is filled and running....you can have the water if you bring your jugs!!

Very well maintained and has minor scratches by the sand-line...

Will sell as a whole set-up only....:lol: You have to do all the he-man moving...Mama is broken!!!


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