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100 gallon water storage tanks


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I am thinking about ordering 2 100 gallon water storage tanks for my salt water and R/O water. It looks like I can order up to 4 with no increase in freight. I need 2 so if anyone else wants to get a couple it would save on some of the freight. The shipping is $82.00 for 4 so If I get 2 that would leave 2 more tanks available plus $20 to ship.

I will probably order in a couple weeks so think it over. These tanks are not easy to get locally.

Here is a link to the tanks.


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I believe this company is local.


I believe someone mentioned in an older thread that you can actually pick the items up and save the shipping costs.

I bought my 1500 gallon well tank from them. Drove out and picked it up, they where about $150 cheaper than the local folks, so well worth the drive to Burnet.


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