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stuff for sale

Big Clay

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I have been cleaning out my garage and came to realize I have way too much stuff i don't need anymore.

Euro-reef CS 8-2 would be perfect for a 180 $200.00

Euro-reef RS80 great skimmer for a 75 $100.00

Tunze 6100 Stream no controller $100.00

Tunze ATO with calcium despenser $100.00





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I got a few other things for sale:

a 4" PM style calcium reactor with effluent chamber $150

58 gal. drilled tank DIY stand & canopy with 2x39w T-5 and custom sump $225

price drop on CS 8-2 $180

price drop on Tunze AToO $80

price drop on 1/2 hp chiller $250

I want this stuff out of my garage.

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