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WTS 75 - 90 gal tank


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Yeah, that's right! :) I want to "steal" a 75 through 90 gallon tank. Well not really STEAL it but I want to buy it so cheap that people say OMG that is a steal!

I just got me a house and so my new project is to build a tank on the tightest budget possible. I am NOT in a hurry, I know good deals happen from time to time and I intend on hitting up all the good deals possible. If you have something that is just sitting around, collecting dust (a BIG sin to have a nice tank collecting dust! :) ) and want to strike me a deal I can't refuse, please let me know!

I do have a HOB overflow so the tank does not have to be drilled - so I'm good there.

I'm willing to barter some of my web hosting and skills as well.

LMK what you all have! :D

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