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If yall arnt in a big hurry, Once I get back from vacation on the 11th. I plan to replenish my livestock and can get what ever yall need.

All I ask is that yall make a list of what you need and I can order it with my list. Once they come in I can make a trip to my sisters to deliver for yall.

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I am going on vacation next week but I am wanting to order from reeftopia or KC when I get back (Oceanhomes, I don't have anything against ordering with you, I just don't know your prices/shipping). Anyone need to replenish their crew?

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SHipping - there is none as I can bring the stuff to Austin for delivery.

Prices I have most everything listed on the site and what I dont have listed let me know and I can get prices.

No big deal if yall wont to order some where else.

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I need rather a large order.

If anyone is thinking about reeftopia, let me know. I am in Killeen, but will have to come through austin next week. If an order is over 200$, I believe it gets a 20% discount. I will be placing an order next week regardless. If anyone is in the killeen vicinity and just wants to get in on it, let me know. I can pick up if the order is done through austin, or I can have it delivered to my home in Harker Heights.

I will want to order...

Hermit Small BlueLeg (300 @ .25 Each) $75.00 $75.00

Snail Cerith - Per 12 - $15.00 $15.00

Crab Emerald - (12 @ 4.00 Each) $48.00 $48.00

Star Serpent $6.00 $6.00

Total: $144.00

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