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RedSea Max 130 34 gallon saltwater aquarium $450 OBO


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Hello! This system has been up and running for over six years, although in this tank for about two. I am moving so need to sell ASAP!

I have attached a link to the RedSea website which lists the specifications of the tank.


I bought this tank about a year and half ago for $750 and transferred my old system in. There is about 45-50lbs of nicely aged live rock, approximately 40lbs of live fine aragonite sand, tons of pulsing Xenia (which grows like crazy and I trade for credit as River City Aquatics), some green frilly shrooms, polyps, maroon clown with rose bubble tip anemone, black and white striped damsel (not shown), large brown bristle star, and some nassarius snails. I have already sold the rest of the clean-up crew to a friend, so this is what is remaining. Be aware: the two pumps for filtration went out two weeks ago and I have been using a powerhead for circulation and doing frequent water changes. I have not had time to fix seeing as I am moving. So this would be a great set-up for someone who already has an existing tank to move the livestock into or the know-how to replace the pumps, although I speculate it should be somewhat simple. The rock and livestock itself are worth the $450 though so either way, it's a great deal! And of course, if you don't like the livestock, you could always trade them in for credit!

I would be willing to sell the livestock, rock, and sand only, but the buyer must take ALL as I am unable to look after the tank while gone. Just make an offer and we will go from there! Included are miscellaneous aquarium supplies, three 5 gallon water jugs, dried foods, and a basically full Tropic Marin bucket 200 gallon mix of salt which is worth about $70 itself. Also, the only day this week the tank is available for pick-up is this Friday, the 12th. I will be driving in from Dallas to move everything else and should be there from around 11am-5pm (at the latest). So please be serious about buying and picking-up as I will only be here the one day! Please e-mail with any questions...thanks for looking! :)






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