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I wrote something


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This is a little dark. OK, maybe a lot dark. I am not going to discuss what it means or why I wrote it. I just wanted to share it somewhere and this is where I have chosen.

I feel your icy hands creeping up my spine. I know you are going for my throat. I try to stop you, but you keep persisting. I try to tear away, but your grip is strong. I ask for help. I see others reaching out. Yet, you are still there every time I turn around. I try to run, but just get tired. I look you in the eye and tell you to leave. Just when I think it is over, right back in you come. I wish I could kill you but you’re not really there. You are the dark side of me. I hate that I am your slave. I will keep trying to break the chains even though I know it will take stronger hands than mine. Yet, if I stop trying I know you will win. That CANNOT happen!

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