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175 Oceanic Bow Front - Complete Setup


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175 Gallon Oceanic Bow Front Aquarium - Full Setup

Have to move and unfortunately can't take it with me. I will help break it down...and I would rather not part it out - $2,150

Reef Ready Tank is 6' wide, 29" tall (63 1/2" tall on stand), 17 1/4" deep at the sides, 24 1/2" deep in the middle. The tank has a few scratches but is a truly beatiful tank.

Setup Includes:

175 Gallon Oceanic Bow Front Aquarium with Stand

75 Gallon Custom Sump

Mag Drive 18

Protein Skimmer - Precision Marine 125 (w/ Pump)

1 - Hydor Koralia 3 Powerhead

2 - 300 watt heaters

2 - Coralife Digital Thermometers

4 - 7" Filter Socks


IceCap 250 Watt Electronic Metal Halide/ HQI Ballast

IceCap 250 / 400 HQI All Aluminum Pendant

250 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Phoenix, Double-Ended

36" Coralife Power Compacts

Rock & Corals:

Approx 170lb Live Rock

120lb+ Live Sand

14 anemone

Leather and Soft Corals as seen in pictures

Livestock / Fish Included:

1 Yellow Tang

1 Clown Fish

1 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Blue Damsel

1 Yellow Tail Purple Damsel

1 Purple Lobster (approx 5")

2 Engineer Goby (each over 1 foot long)

1 Emerald Crab

Numerous Snails and Hermit Crabs

I have a much better photo gallery on my website here:


Call Matt @ 512-619-6273 (or email me through the contact link on my website) with any questions or to set up a time to come look at it.





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very interested,,,,would like to make the trip up to see the setup this weekend,,,,,would either day work for you, and/or is there a better time of day also......... let me know,,,,, 830-203-1656 or [email protected]

also does just the one 25o watt MH provide enough light for the corals and anemones...how long have you had set up, and about how many months of use does the MH have? Is the sump a DIY , and what level does it keep the nitrates down to?

Hope to see you this weekend!!!


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also just curious,,,,,do you know the names of the leather and soft corals you have,,,,,and maybe what anemones you have also,,,,,,,,,,,,,just to satisfy my wondering,,,,cant really tell all of them from the pics... thanks again

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now to really be a pest,,,but you don't have what area of Austin you live in,,,,,could you include that with the rest of your reply since we will have to be driving in from out of town.

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