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Found 18 results

  1. Today we are taking a look at the Aqamai KPM Powerhead. We are going to unbox the KPM and compare it to the Aqamai KPS Powerhead. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to stay up to date. Aqamai KPM Powerhead: https://goo.gl/SqozJ4 Aqamai KPS Powerhead: https://goo.gl/7USY9H https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RUzURDEAAg&feature=em-uploademail Visit Premium Aquatics: https://premiumaquatics.com For a chance to win : 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel
  2. I realize "Beginner" and "240 Gallon" is kind of an oxymoron, but go big or go home... I recently acquired a 240 Gallon tank that is set up to be a reef tank, although the farthest it every got with the previous owner was about 1 month with water and some rock in it. It has been sitting in a garage for about 7 years. I purchased the whole set up and I want to get started assembling the tank and getting it going. I have no idea what I am doing, but I have been doing a lot of research and I think I have a few ideas... 1. I want an Apex controller 2. I want (2) Kessil AP700 lights.
  3. Hi Everyone My name is Lucy Bruno. You will know me if you are a local owner but you will probably know my email address too via FB - [email protected] First I want to apologize by saying that I have been clearly mistaken with my Austin Reefers and where the true bloods really are. I actually joined this a long while back but I believe when I joined there was a way to join by hitting, "Join thru facebook". which is probably what I did. So then I found Austin Reefers Club and have gotten really active on a few of the facebook groups (including the one I thought this was) but didn'
  4. Hi, I'm finally been back into reefing after 4 years of inactivity. Looking to find more people/friends around Austin to network, exchange ideas, help each other out, maybe exchange frags, or just simple check out each other tanks. I love the idea of being able to go to a friends place check out their tanks, see how it grows or not grows, in an effort to make it better. Anyone out there looking to do the same? We currently have a 220 gallon reef tanks. We currently have about 20 fishes and lots of soft corals
  5. Tons of ultra corals and a nice selection of saltwater/freshwater fish on this weeks shipment. Come check these new arrivals out. Don't forget about our remodel sale that is going on today. Sat 25% off Sun closed Mon-Fri 10% off Sunday's are closed due to the remodeling, but we will be reopening on Sunday's once projects are completed. Stop by and check us out.
  6. ~ FREE TDS meters on ALL orders over $40! ~ (enter code: FREETDS in your cart) Dont forget to credit Austin Reef Club by using your clubs unique 10% off code: (enter code: 70799 in your cart). Enter your discount code(s), click the orange apply coupon button in the discount codes section of your shopping cart at www.theH2Oguru.com. Happy Reefing, your friends at Air Water & Ice. We're always here for you. Email: [email protected] OR call 772-461-0256 for over 30 years experience in helping saltwater tank owners get the BEST results for LESS than ANY of my competition. Don't waste your
  7. Niko's Reef wishes all a Happy Easter.... In observance of this holiday, we've decided to throw a sale. Fully stocked. Come check us out. All fish/liverock 20% off. All corals buy 3 get one free. Limestone 50% off.
  8. Quick Question: When I am putting water in my 65 g tank some time this week, is it that much more beneficial to mix in the salt and water in a bucket before pouring it in? What will be the disadvantages if I add salt to the full volume of water in my tank? I do not have any clean containers that will hold more than a gallon of water to store water in to mix it with salt. I am thinking about running my RO/DI water straight into the tank, then adding salt once it is filled up. There will be power heads running, and water will be circulating through the sump. Any advice is appreciated, thanks a
  9. Tons of new items in stock. Lots of improvements/changes at store and more to come. Working on developing website. Still a long ways to go, but here is the new and improved website. Come check us out. www.nikosreef.com Niko's Reef on Facebook
  10. Ton of new Saltwater Livestock/Coral in. Some AMAZING Corals in. Pics and info to come. Hurry before we bag it for someone else. I can't even get pics. Made a customer at least get a shot of it before they walked out the door. Have some really high end chalices, zoas, sponges, etc. Don't miss out on the lighting sponge coral. Been almost a year since we had it. Sorry I can't post more at this moment. Phone unfortunately got wet and is out of commission.
  11. Beautiful Healthy large saltwater fish looking for a new home. I am asking $65 for the 5-6" niger and $100 for the 5-6" queen.Both out of the tank and ready for a new home. Bring container to take the fish home.
  12. 40 Breeder drilled with Glass Holes overflow, just needs a cleaning. Stand (Stained and interior sealed) has a door, just took it off to stain. Wet/Dry Sump Wavepoint T5 4 bulb (Brand new Super Blue and Reef Wave bulb) Return pump 60+lbs live rock Asking $200 Located in Killeen. 504-715-0030
  13. looking for a bubble tip anemone for my clark's clown to host
  14. I'm looking to buy a stand for my 60 gallon reef tank. Dimensions are 48-1/4"L x 12-3/4"W for the footprint. I'm willing to buy used or new as long as it doesn't break the bank. PM or text 512-818-629zero Eddie
  15. Title says it all: 2 juvenile clarkii for sale with their condy anemone. They have been in a barebottom tank together for about 3 weeks, have shown no signs of illness/ich/ectoparasites. Really pretty markings, and have the potential to be a great mating pair when they mature. Currently they are eating frozen and I will include ~1-2 months supply of the food I make them with the purchase. Make me an offer, thinking somewhere around $45, but am also open to trades. These fish are hardy, and fun- great starter saltwater fish. They are way less delicate than other clowns, and can handle some fluc
  16. I have a 90 gal reef ready tank it has a stand but it needs to be replaced. It is drilled and comes with the bulk heads, and a 30 gal tank if you want to use it for a sump.the 30 gal does not have any baffles and is not drilled. The tank has a little damage to the plastic cover on the bottom right corner, although it does not affect it in anyway. I bought this tank a few weeks ago planning on setting it up, I've decided to go a different route. Tank dimensions 48"L x 18"D x 24"H. I'll take $200 obo. I have a 55 gal fresh water tank that is full of livestock, rocks and gravel. This tank comes
  17. Looking to upgrade in size from my 55, to a 90/120. Selling my 55 G Black trim tank (48x13x20) , Black Oak stand (48x18), also can include 150 W heater, Eshoppes HOB overflow, hose to drain into sump, and a a 10 G sump (no baffles). The set up worked beautifully for me, it's less than a year old, cannot transport so buyer would have to pick up. Asking $300 for all listed.
  18. Is the Aqueon 90 RR with megaflow over flows a good set up for a saltwater, with some reef tank?
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