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Found 12 results

  1. Nuisance algae in reef systems is pretty much a ubiquitous problem, and one that is a common source of frustration for reef aquarists. It is also one I've learned to view the problem very differently than what is generally portrayed and it just takes a few rather basic steps, and patience. (This is longer than I planned so feel free to jump past the backgound info.) Back in the late 90's I realized the general notion of nuisance algae being just a nutrient issue didn't fit what I was seeing in my maintenance business. In my systems there was not a correlation between PO4, Nitrat
  2. Hi all. I'm at my whits end. I have a 30 gallon tank with 2 clown fish and plenty of soft corals. The corals are doing great, the fish are doing great. All the corals are extending fully and the nutrients are perfect. I've been doing frequent water changes, but I'm still overwhelmed with hair algae. I took the water into Aquadome and they said the water is fine. I bought two urchins and they haven't done much. I bought some emerald crabs and they died within a week of putting them in (maybe the starved?). I even performed a 3 day black out to try and get it taken care of. My lighting is as fol
  3. This is my used/backup SKIMMER that has skimmed 300 gallons for the last 2 years, it originally came with an HY3000 pump. The HY5000 pump is about 7-8 months old, I bought it new from some one getting out of the hobby, it looked new and it was in a box. I like to over skim my system and that's why I have the HY5000 on it. No modifications; comes with stock assembly including a gate valve and plumbing. This Skimmer is very forgiving and can function properly with large variations is sump depth. Reef Octopus 8" Classic 200INT Skimmer Dimensions: 15.6" x 1
  4. FREE Senno Dual Inline TDS meter (orders > $100, enter code: FREEDUALTDS in your cart) & FREE SHIPPING (orders > $130 , enter code: FREESHIP in your cart)...Dont forget to credit Austin Reef Club by using your clubs unique 10% off code: (enter code: 70799 in your cart). Enter your discount code(s), click the orange apply coupon button in the discount codes section of your shopping cart at www.AirWaterIce.com. After over 30 years in business, we still have your filter pack. Remember you can pay MORE but you can't get LESS than ZERO tds. As always: Happy Reefing, Your friends at www.Ai
  5. Algae control by sea slug is a repeating topic. I'd like to add my observations and a few links to the conversation. The very best critter I've had to clean up algae of various kinds is a sea hare, the commonly available Dolabella or Aplysia spp. (not to be confused with the blue spotted sea hare or the dwarf sea hare. They have very different diets and are not particularly suitable for general algae control). They are general algae eaters, not specialized in something specific, and have a rather hearty appetite. These sea hares will eat cyano (like candy!), green hair algae, like bryopsis
  6. Does anybody have anything I can seed my new DIY scrubber? Thanks in advance! Arthur
  7. Ok so i'm having some sort of algae bloom in my tank. It's driving my skimmer nutzoid and my socks are stopping up after one day. It actually holds water and is pouring out the top of the sock. What could be causing this? It's making all my coral close up. And no i havn't done a water change.. I'm moving next week so i was going to put all new water in it. I am running biopellets but i've had that since the summer with no problems and running GFO and carbon, actually just changed it the other day. Any clue why this happening?
  8. I have a 50 gallon cichild tank that I have been battling algae in for a bit. I had a Chinese algae eater that did a great job keeping the tank clean. He ate everything. And then one day he was gone. The algae turned black and eventually I had to pull the rocks out and bleach them to get it off. I put them back and they looked great for a few days but are now covered in brown/rust colored film algae. I added two tiny bristle nose plecos and they are trying but they just aren't making a dint in the algae. Anyone have any luck with chemical additives to control algae?
  9. While at MACNA this year I had the opportunity to talk to Duard about their new product the Fl!pper Cleaner. The previous version of this product is called the Mag-Flip, I'm sure you've seen them around. It's a two part magnetic cleaner that has a dual-sided scraper/scrubber for cleaning algae off your glass and acrylic. By twisting the magnet handle you can cause the wetside to flip so as to alternate between the scraper and scrubber sides. I've got two of this version and used them for years on both my 90g tank and my 34g Solana. The scraper blade on the Mag-Flip was plastic, and while
  10. Set this up a few months ago and love it! I started by doing some research on GHA. I didn't want to increase the flow in my cardiff tank cause it's my seahorse tank. I eventually came upon Turf Algae Scrubbers as a potential solution, but I really didn't want to create anything outside the tank. This got me thinking of how I could use the back side of my Cardiff to hold/create a scrubber. The attached video shows the water inlet, it moves up through a refugium, then over the algae scrubber and down through filter media. The light is a 15 watt Energy Smart Daylight 6500k floodlight from wa
  11. I'm a student and don't have time to keep my tank beautiful! (As you can tell by the glass) I'll also be moving again soon enough. All the fish, coral and invertebrates are healthy and happy and have been for years. I'm selling all the livestock plus live-rock and the crushed coral substrate. Substrate will have to wait until everything else in the tank is sold and taken. Some of the hardware will be up for sale once the livestock is all taken (tank, stand, Odyssea light fixture with extra CF bulbs). All fish are adult and have been healthy for many years. I moved them all here two years ago
  12. So, between GHA, Hydroids and now Gelidium I think I'm dealing with a considerable amount of nuisance algaes and growths. The sea hare is actively eating GHA, but it keeps sprouting up even though my phosphates are reading zero. (Though I'm told the GHA is consuming it, which is why it reads zero) So now I've got red wirey algae growing which I can only assume is gelidium. How do I get rid of this? I think Bry mentioned burning it off, but there's so much of it at this point I'd really do a number on my LR going that route. I've also read on reefcleaners that Sea Hare's eat Gelidium.. but
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