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  1. Looking for an Aqua Medic Reeflex cube ballast in 150 or 250w. Pm me if you have one available. Thank you!
  2. Price drop! This watermelon is known for having really bright green eyes.
  3. I've got a few corals that need new homes. 1. Kryptonite Watermelon Chalice 7 eyes 2. Splatter Hammer Rasta Zoas SOLD! Thanks
  4. The 210 aquarium is SOLD! I am going to hold on to the 125 gallon , but I may sell it later. Thanks!
  5. I still have the 210 gallon aquarium. It needs to go! $300
  6. Price drop on the 210 aquarium. $350 Need to get this moved out of my garage! Thanks
  7. new photos taken last weekend 125 125 125 125
  8. Both tanks are still available. I'm not sure if the 210 can be drilled. I was planning on doing the polarized lens test to see if any of the glass panels are tempered, but I didn't get around to it.
  9. The 210 stand has just the 2 doors to the right.
  10. For Sale: New unused 125 gallon marineland tank. Dimensions are 72'' x 18'' x 22''. Tank only, no stand or equiptment included. The tank is not drilled. $300 $200 obo Used 210 gallon tank with stand. Dimensions are 72'' x 24'' x 27''. Tank has some scratches mainly at the bottom few inches. The tank is not drilled. $600 $300 obo SOLD!
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a small amount of magnesium media (dolomite) for my Aquamaxx nano star calcium reactor. I can't seem to find any at the local aquarium stores in town and was hoping to pick some up from a local reefer. I need to have it now or in the next few days. I don't mind paying a small fee like $10 or so. Thanks!
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