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  1. Also hoping for advise on order to stock them.
  2. So After a velvet and Black Ick outbreak killed my first round of fish I have successfully finished my 70 day display tank dormant period and am ready to start stocking it again. This time I learned my lesson and I already set up my 20 Gallon coral QT and 30 Gallon fish QT Tank. my DT is a 55 Gallon Petco special (not drilled I know it sucks but wife won't let me spend too much until I prove to her I can do it). I run a Penguin 3500 HOB filter and a 2 gallon Breadbox DIY HOB Refugium. Coral is LPS and soft only and in early stages too so not allot yet. Okay that said these are the fish I think we want to stock. Open to suggestions on stocking order or things I might not have thought of. McCosker's Flasher Wrasse - 1 male - 2 Females Yellow Coris Wrasse - 1 Melanurus Wrasse - 1 Blue/Green Chromis - maybe 3 or 4 Pink Spotted Goby - 1 Clowns - 2 Purple Fire Fish - 1 Royal Grama (not sold on this one) - 1 Then 1 Yellow or 1 Powder Brown Tang. (yes I know my tank is small but I plan to upgrade to 150 Gallon within a year or two)
  3. So I have a 1 year old 55 Gallon Reef tank with only a couple small fish and few coral. I have been running a Marine Land Penguin 350 HOB filter since the start. I want to add more bio load to the tank in the next few months and I think that my filter is having trouble keeping up. Since my tank is not drilled and a Sump is not an option I was thinking that a canister filter would be my best option. To be honest I have had tanks my whole life but have never considered a canister filter. Does anyone have recommendations preferably < $150. Or at least advise on things I should be considering when looking at them? Side note if it matters: Tank is LPS and Softy coral and smaller size fish. I also run a BRS 2 stage reactor with GFO and carbon. and I have converted a small 2 Gall HOB breeding box to a Refugium with cateo. Not sure how well it works but mainly I wanted a place to grow pods since my wife wants a Mandarin.
  4. So I was considering the XP Aqua SUMPLESS AUTO TOP OFF SYSTEM. I have a 55 gallon rimmed tank with no sump. Wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this and what you thought. Also if anyone had a better suggestion for $150 or less. my biggest concern is reliability/ fail safe as I travel allot and leave tank with family to feed once per day.
  5. the Yellow Tang had Black Ick for sure. But I only noticed it for about 3 days before the transfer and died. The brown Tang I did not see anything on him. I know it may have been in the gills but I didn't notice anything. He layed on his side on the sand for about a day not moving but gasping, before I put him out of his misery. This was a few weeks before I noticed the Black Ick on the Yellow Tang. and at least a week before the shrimp died. And yes I only use RODI water from fish store for top off. I don't have my own unit yet. The only thing I have been adding is I used Purple up a few times 5 ML each time a week apart.
  6. so my only remaining fish is in quarantine currently and I plan to leave for a while. But should I be concerned the issue is still living in my display tank and may pop back up the moment I put new fish in there?
  7. So I am hoping that I can get some guidance as to what to try. I have a 55 Gallon that is over a year old. I have been taking it very slow. 4 months in added a clown. month latter cleaner shrimp. 4 months latter Brown Tang and Yellow Tang. 1 Month latter Brown tang died no idea why. Shortly after Shrimp died. No idea why. Two weeks latter Yellow tang got Black Ick. Moved him and the clown to QT tank. Tang Died after RODI water dip from stress I guess. I also keep loosing snails and conchs fairly regularly. I have 1 torch in the tank for 4 months and that is doing good I think. I test weekly and Calcium is low - Working on that slowly. PH is good, Nitrate good, Phosphate is good (although its probably high due to hair algae issue I am fighting, but not testing high). DKH is good too. I have no idea what the issue could be or what to look for. Any Ideas?
  8. Looking to upgrade my 55 Gal Reef to a 150 - 200 Gal. I am wanting a reef ready set up but not sure the best places to look for options. Any recommendations?
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