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  1. So perhaps explain a little more of your co-op vision. Some people raise the phyto and others raise the pods? Or some people raise certain phyto and certain pods? Or all duplicates and act as backups if another member crashes? Also when you say duplicate the work of others, do you mean use a successful setup of another, or do a different species?
  2. I have some Nannochloropsis going, but no copepod cultures at the moment. I had rotifers going for a little while in the house, but let them go “au naturale” in a 5 gallon bucket outside in the backyard. Like Dogfish said, YouTube is a good resource. Up to you how small or big you want for your setup. You can get started for pretty close to nothing, the biggest expense will be a light and air pump unless you have spares laying around. When you get your setup figured out and if you want some Nanno and/or some f/2(fertilizer) to get started shoot me a message.
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