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  1. Based on https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/video/view/propagation-tank-set-up-video/ Included: ATI Sunpower 48" 4 bulb set up 4 bulbs with about 6 months time doing a daily cycle on them The cool no-tool frame set up The shallow plastic bin, drilled and plumbed for a sump below The "sump" bin which is just some rubbermade food grade plastic bin Rio 1400 return pump Whatever in the main tank The "tank" part has been dry for a couple months, the return side piping had a leak at one point and I got pretty ghetto getting it to stop fast. I'd consider re-doing that side or
  2. RO/DI backup pump (has already happened in slightly over 1 year reefkeeping) I'd say backup heater but that's only barely needed in Texas.
  3. I'm looking for someone who can check in on my tank, and maybe feed it while I take a trip. It seems most of this group is pretty far north, and that'd be pretty inconvenient to get to my place (Brodie & William Canon area) Happy to pay, and I can fall back to my non-reefer local friends, but it'd be great to know some people with some expertise nearby (and I'd be happy to do same for others needing a sitter/checker) No particular rush right now, haven't booked anything yet. My tank has been up a bit over a year, very stable, mostly automated. My maintenance per week is adding to t
  4. I'm using the bulkreefsupply kit (2 peristaltic pumps) plumbed up to a half gallon of alk, and ca solutions. Controlling them with an apex for fine grained throughout-the-day dosing, they'd work well on a regular timer too.
  5. awesome. I was pretty convinced it was coraline but didn't know it could do that. Plating was the word I couldn't think of to describe this, definitely the thing. In this case it's competing/fighting with the zoa colony which is driving it more vertical to reach at the light, the other spots I've caught it are harder to get a good photo of but more like the google image search pictures I'm finding.
  6. Google photo link What's this in the midst of that zoanthid colony? I've got it a couple spots. Tank has lots of coraline I'm familiar with as you can see in the picture, but this is thick, and... 3d, seems to grow in spirals up from it's base.
  7. I love the aquadome. Staff is knowledgeable AND very friendly. If you haven't been, you should fix that.
  8. Has he tried a different test kit? I'd suspect it's busto if he sees no difference right after a water change, unless 40 is the max reading that test can do.
  9. is every rbta in austin now a descendant of your brood?
  10. I'm using LEDs and have plenty of coraline on glass (Back wall, I keep it at bay on the other 3 sides) Should be fine to scrape though!
  11. That's a very impressive run she had.
  12. I'm using an autoaqua micro ATO ($100-145) and it's great. Optical sensor, quiet pump. Simple as heck. On powerhead I've used koralia, jebao, gyre. Koralia, had one, didn't do well, then died within months. Jebao, pretty great but I've heard some reliability stories Gyre, pretty amazing, might be overkill for that tank.
  13. Mine varies with temperature throughout the day. Temp goes up, "salt" goes up. Cools down, "salt" goes down. Mine's varying within 1 pt though.
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