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  1. Richrod73


    I have cheato about the size of a basketball. I can part into smaller portions for whoever needs some. I live in Killeen TX - if you want some txt me and i can meet you- sorry i won’t drive to Austin or the area - you must come to killeen. Please txt me because I don’t check ARC often. 512-525-5604
  2. Interested- 512-525-5604
  3. I am interested please txt me at 512-525-5604
  4. Interested please txt me at 512-525-5604 ... social distancing special... lol awesome
  5. Wanting to buy cheato. If you have some please txt me at 512-525-5604 Thank you.
  6. HMU if you still have frags please.
  7. Yes i am sorry i just saw this
  8. Interested please call or txt me asap... 512525-5604
  9. Looking to buy some xenia for my 55 G tank- some say xenia are a “pest” coral but I happen to like them . HMU if you have any overtaking your tank . Thanks . 512-525-5604 live in cove/ Killeen area but can meet
  10. Where do you live? I live in Copperas Cove near Killeen- would like to meet up and buy some frags txt me @512-525-5604
  11. Still available? Where do you live?
  12. Interested in some of your corals please txt me at 512-525-5604 thanks
  13. Looking for a canister filter- if anyone is wanting to sell their canister filter please txt me . I need one for my 55 gallon tank. 512-525-5604 thanks in advance!
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