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  1. Reduced 500. May be willing to part out depending on which parts
  2. The leds have a shield that goes over them. Took it off to show the leds
  3. Here some I took today. The others where from a few weeks ago. Sorry some of them rant open due to the lights just coming on 20 minutes ago
  4. Have a 130D 34 gallon red sea max saltwater fish tank for sale asking 800 obo. Has rapid led retro fit kit with moon lights with lamp up and down controller, 2 vortex mp10 pumps, 2 Stage bulk reef reactor, 3 hanna checkers alk/cal/phos, multiple reef supplements, has about 9 bubble tip anemones that won't stop reproducing, devils hand leather, polyps, Kenya tree, carpet anemone, engineer Goby. This is a plug and play system that I have not had to touch in a year other than add water. Has a 6 stage to do unit with double stage carbon has tps in and out meter. Also have 3-400watt metal halide ballest with 2-22k bulbs and reflectors looking to get 250 for them. Spent 200 in just the reflectors. Lots of other stuff like twist uv, barrel with pump, reactors, and extras.
  5. Not looking forward to going home. The 3 foot eel got out of the hampster ball in the 200 gallion tank. Can u say mass murder if i dont catch him.

    1. Sherita


      Have fun with that :P What kind of eel?

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