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What is Old is Old and What is New is New




I was chronicling my salty exploits over on the forum thread located here: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/38061-zackerys-nano-reef-aquarium/

It turns out that a thread like that doesn't work to the purposes I was trying to achieve, such as having posts remained editable and listed the things I wanted. So in that regards I am moving that to this blog. For those of you who fancy yourselves hip, everything posted here will also be syndicated to http://zackerytaylorswift.tumbler.com. That site features picture and other things in regard to my aquarium, so I feel like that will be your number one source on the elusive aquarium aficionado Zackery Taylor-Swift.

 Oh PS: I'm working on building a frag tank in which to cultivate some rare and awesome corals to sell to the community. I don't have much yet, but as my stock grows, I will be paying dues on here and begin to start listing my stock. I promise I will sell some of the hawtest corals you've ever seen. More on that later!



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