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About this blog

The evolution of a beginner hobbyist to man with at least a decent bit of knowledge in regards to the #saltwaterlife. 

I started out with a IM Fusion Nano 10 Aquarium and are working daily to turn in it into the tank of my dreams with hardware updates and acquisitions of awesome corals!

Entries in this blog

Things are good!

Things seem to be going my way as of late in my new found aquaria hobby.  I've been able to keep my water levels good in the tank and everything seems to be prospering and on top of that I've been finding some good deals on some sweet corals through checking up my LFS and by making friends via these forums. Just tonight I was able to score a sweet green zoa, which I have dubbed the greene geek zoa after a close friend of mine, as well as a pretty amazing Jedi Mind Trick monti frag from some



What is Old is Old and What is New is New

I was chronicling my salty exploits over on the forum thread located here: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/38061-zackerys-nano-reef-aquarium/ It turns out that a thread like that doesn't work to the purposes I was trying to achieve, such as having posts remained editable and listed the things I wanted. So in that regards I am moving that to this blog. For those of you who fancy yourselves hip, everything posted here will also be syndicated to http://zackerytaylorswift.tumbler.com. That



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