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Texas BioCube 32 started new

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New to the hobby.

decided to build a 32 g using Coralife’s BioCube 32. Upgraded the pump with a Sicce 1.5. Using  InTank media stack with me mechanical, sea hem matrix and carbon.

Added an extra bag of matrix in chamber 2.

The  built started 8/14. Using dry rock and live sand. 
My fish-less cycling needed 25 days. Added snails, ,hermits and some peppermint shrimp.

Then waited for the fish to get out of quarantine on 9/25.

All alive and well now .

Now i have to many hermit crabs. ( A misunderstanding between my wife and me ordering livestock.....). 

Documented my build on reef2reef not knowing about ARC.

here is the link:


I’m done with livestock

2 orange clowns

2 black and white clowns

1 court  chester goby - who dug his own hiding place  

1 pistol tiger shrimp - watchman goby’s buddy and aquarium bulldozer  

1 yellow watchman goby who is black and white now

2 Banggai cardinals

1 serpent star fish 

i fire shrimp

1 cleaner shrimp

i emerald crab

3 feather duster 

the pistol shrimp molted  day für he arrived and is now nearly 2 1/4 inch long

he is the best proof point why rock first and  then sand makes the most sense .
There isn’t a rock left he has not tunneled under. The one piece I had put in after the sand  is now leaning tower of Pisa and I need to glue it to the rest.

Planning on sharing more on this club site.

goby smile







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At the size your clowns are it's unlikely any of them are sexually mature.   More likely you'll end up with one female, one male and a couple juveniles waiting their turn.  As with any group of fish, you'll need to be ready to rehome someone if it's getting picked on by other fish (most likely the smallest juvenile in this case).

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