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Fluval Evo 13.5 Complete Starter Kit --- Free for first time reefer

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About 3.5 years I purchased my first nano reef tanks. It is a Fluval Evo 13.5 with about 8 lbs of live rock, a clown fish named Ollie, a couple of pink bubble tip anemones, rock flower anemone, and a small selection of corals. 

I am about to move away soon for a job in another state, so I would like to pass this tank on to somebody who has never had a salt water tank. It's not in its prime and has some diatoms and red algae at the moment. But, a few weeks of consistent water changes will clear that up. Only pest is a healthy colony or bristle worms, but they are super helpful with eating extra food.

Includes everything you need. Tank, stand, light, protein skimmer, 3 x 5 gallon salt water containers, 5 gallon water change bucket, half a bucket of salt, test kits, extra power head, and livestock.  

I have no experience with bagging/transporting live stock, or with removing anemones from glass/rocks. So, if you have a friend who knows that stuff bring them along.

Since this will be removed from inside my first floor apartment, masks are required due to COVID.

Please let me know why you would like this tank. Located in Central Austin near I-35 and 32nd Street. I reserve the right to be a little picky since I am not treating this as first come first serve. You must be able to move all equipment within the next 5 days.


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