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Various Frags [sold]

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Bubble gum Digi frags (3 2 1) $20 15 each  FREE

Meteor Shower Cyphastria: $25 20  $10 Sold

Plug full of zoas, I think they are pikachus: $50 40 30

White Zombie Zoas, with 2 babies: SOLD

GSP rock: $20 15  $ 5

Magnetic frag rock covered in large Bubble Gum Digi colony: $60 50  40 SOLD

LMF Acid Trip (small) sold


In Lakeway. Package deals available.


Text for questions of if you need different pics.

512 656 0720



Preston c3401382b91e42a4fbbac2cd99ba400a.jpg269469e2374ab2e557d2d2afbc567e03.jpg2d9feb6a00c38c14d755e72211357290.jpg3b8654b478427e818f2c0902a77d4eea.jpgeb8b8984d730ffb28aea0026c1e4a241.jpg82952cf551baf7b33e1813c6fa169334.jpg5feae4913603c3ef3eb27b4c3e437e6c.jpg0f8364feb76962ebca19e8d45323ac42.jpgdb726805d70c3a044ef0acd4e3668d4b.jpg



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last bump.  One free digi still left for free.  GSP rock and Zoas left.  I am open to pricing.  otherwise ill drop them off to Rivercity

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