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I've been YouTubing since my daughter and son-in-law gave me their old 135 gallon tank, stand, rocks, sand, sump... They have upgraded. 

Just needing return pump, lights and of course water and livestock. 

I'm wanting to try my green thumb at growing Coral. 

I'll probably do a ton of reading before I even attempt any real "gardening" 

It was suggested that I come here because of  the knowledge that has been accumulated over the years. 

I'm noticing that T5 lights seem to be the direction I'll go,  through my extremely limited research, I'm understanding that these particular lights are the spectrum that corals appear to like. 

Anyway, thanks for having me. 


This little, not so little, Bristle Worm was in the sand... It's about 8" long... 


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That picture is scary looking!  Looking forward to hearing more about your build, and yes you can get lots of good advice and experience here :)


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