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For Sale: Mike’s Reef / Fish food (frozen)

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For Sale:  Mike’s Reef / Fish food (frozen)

5 oz flat pack = $10
10 oz flat pack = $18

PM to coordinate local pick up in Cedar Park / North Austin area.

Product is finely blended into varying sizes that are easily consumed by all fish, shrimp, and corals.

For comparison Rods Food 2 oz sells for $10 online and their 6 oz varieties sell for $20.  LRS Reef Frenzy 4 oz sell for $12 and 8 oz sells for $22.

Ingredients: salmon; tuna; squid; octopus; shrimp; cuttlefish; mussel; scallops; mysis shrimp; cyclops; brine shrimp; Vita C; minced garlic; Selcon; Marine Snow; green Nori; spinach; carrots; broccoli; seaweed; reef and veggie pellets; reef flakes; fish eggs (roe); krill; Garlic x; vitamins A, B and C; RO water.



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All, I will be at the RCA 1st Friday sale tomorrow night at 8pm.  If you want to meet me there with food for you.  Please PM me so I know how many to bring and coordinate pick up? 

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