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Miguel Roblero

Lighting schedule recommendation.

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I just bought an M60 and will transfer my corals and fish from my fluval evo 13.5. I have zoanthids hammers and ricordeas that are thriving, as well as three anenomes, since one split twice, and a true percula pair. Right now I run a Hipargero LED 30W at like 75% that I bought off of Amazon that you can touch sense the intensity like 4 levels, and it has worked great, but it's not programable. The most I do is use timer and it turns on a 6am, turns off at noon, and back on at 6pm and stays on till 11, and then turns off. I also have one Truelumen 12 inch that turns on at noon and turns off at 6pm, that I run at about 50-60% with a dimmer, and they have worked great. 

I just bought a Kessil a160w tuna blue, and want to do the fade in, spike, and fade out, to give the entire tank a more natural lighting schedule than just one and off. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am thinking if that schedule has worked out maybe set the Kessil with its spectral timer to that schedule without accounting for the difference in depth and width of aquariums? 

Again any help would be greatly appreciated.

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