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Breaking down the 40 gallon breeder

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Breaking down my 40 breeder.  Selling off coral and livestock first then will sell larger rock and tank equipment.  I live in the middle of no where between liberty hill and marble falls and can meet if needed.  Reply with a pm or text 512 nine nine 3 -8603


1.Indo dragon soul torch. 2 heads $550.00 SOLD


2.Small rock with yellow palys and orange mushrooms green mushooms $60.00 SOLD

3. Big green palys at least 6 heads $25.00

4.  Cornbread zoas. Correct me if im wrong on the naming. About 12 to 15 heads $60.00

5.  Big gsp rock. Close to basketball size probably 30 lbs or so.  $60.00 Pending

6.1 head lobo green and orange. $30.00 Pending J barrera

7.  Richards lone star leather $40.00 per head SOLD

8.  Rock with zoas mushrooms and leather $70.00

9.  Snowflake eel free with coral purchase....if i can catch him lol  Pending j barrera.  The hunt begins....

10.  Grape coral 3 heads $30

11.  Various maxi mini anemonees.  Think i have 3 total $20.00 each 2- pending j barerra

12.  Halloween crab $15.00

13.  Small rock with eagle eyes and dragon eyes $30.00

14.  3 head octospawn growing into 4 heads  $40.00

15. Big Brown Palys 4 heads $20.00

16. Green tentacle aussie torch with purple/blue tips 4 heads $60.00 SOLD

17. Green Aussie torch 4 heads $50.00 SOLD



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I will take:

(2) 11. Maxi Anemone 

6. Green and orange lobo

snowflake eel if you can catch him :)


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