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Acclimation / Time Out Box

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Necessity is the mother of invention.  I didn't invent the acclimation box, but I needed one, because I have a fish that needs to be segregated until I can sell him, and I'm not interested in taking 50% (or less) on trade in.  By the way:  Fish for Sale!

Was not interested in spending the money or waiting for mail order, so looked at what I had, and decided I could do something w/ some light diffuser and screen netting, but didn't have enough diffuser grate to make the whole thing out of it, and didn't really want to either - seemed like it would be super bulky.  Had decided I would bite the bullet and drive 30min to the Slaughter/35 Home Depot to buy a 1/4" fiberglass rod to cut into pieces as my lengthwise framing.  Stopped by the Ace Hardware just to see if there was anything better 10min from my house and found something I didn't expect:  plastic clothes hangers.  8 for under $2 or so.  Picked up a fresh 100pack of zip ties, and good to go.  Turned out pretty darn good!



















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:smile:👍   For smaller boxes and fish traps I've found the plastic canvas or vinyl weave found at craft stores for yarn embroidery projects and small tie wraps works good.

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Whatcha got in the box? Dottyback?

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