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Josh S.

Red Sea Reefer 170 - SOLD

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This is a two year old system with established 1-2" sand bed, rock, corals and fish. Needs some TLC to get rid of hair algae. $1500 Open to offers - no trades or parting out.


  • Red Sea Reefer 170
  • Neptune Systems Apex Controller
  • 2x MP10WQD Pumps
  • Radion XR30W G4 Pro LED Lighting with Apex Module
  • Neptune Systems Lunar LEDs with Apex Module
  • BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor
  • Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer


  • Green Bubble Tip Anemone (1yo)
  • 2x Occelaris Clowns (1.5yo)
  • 2x Blue Chromis (1yo)
  • 1 Tailspot Blenny (1yo)
  • 1 Yellow Watchman Goby (1yo)
  • 2x Green Banded Gobies (1yo)
  • Asst CUC
  • Asst LPS and SPS corals (Mushrooms, Zoanthids, Euphyllias, Montipora, Caulastrea - 1-2yo)


  • Asst Tools
  • Red Sea Trace Elements 
  • Red Sea Nitrate Phosphate Reducer
  • Testing Kits




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