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Sierra Bravo

Raffle for reefer recovering from home fire

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On the SA Reef Addicts Facebook group, some of the admins have organized a frag pack raffle to benefit a fellow reefkeeper in San Antonio that had much of his belongings destroyed when his home caught fire in the early morning.  There are a lot of really nice items up for grabs; certainly worth the drive down if you were to win. 

Raffle Link:  https://m.facebook.com/groups/376233776537588?view=permalink&id=399682334192732

News article:  https://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/early-morning-fire-wipes-out-pagans-vehicles-santa-suits


Current Items (There are still more donations coming in for the raffle):

Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 10
ASD Glow in the Dark Acro
BC Flyy Me to the Blue Moon Humulis (mini colony)
Bird of Paradise (Seriatopora)
Blond Blue Eyes
Blue Sympodium
CB Flaming Phoenix Monti (large frag)
CB Maleficent Acro
Dino Eggs Monti
GB Buttmunchir Petroglyphs (mini colony)
JF Beach Bum Monti
JF Frost Maul Favia
JF Jack O Lantern Leptoseris
JF Orange Psammocora
Ked's Reds
King Midas'
Meteor Shower Cypahastrea
Neon Green Hairy Mushroom (opens very nice)
Orange Ricordea
Orange Setosa (bright)
Purple-tip Frogspawn
Radioactive Candy Cane (two heads)
Scuba Steve Torch
Soft Green Hammer (large head)
Sunny Ds
Superman Rhodactis
UC Super Orange Leptoseris
WWC Jollopeno Acro (mini colony)
WWC Paletta Pink Tip Acro
WWC Paletta Tri-Color Acro (mini colony)
WWC Purple Monsters (mini colony)
WWC Purple Monsters (mini colony)
WWC Teal Sarmentosa (mini colony)

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