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Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller MC122 brand new in box $110 Click hyperlink for more details

Hamilton Aruba Sun T5 2x54w - Used for about two months otherwise brand new. Two units $150 each Click hyperlink for more details

  • Versatile: install 1, 2 or 3 Aruba Sun pairs side by side or staggered in your existing aquarium hood
  • 5 Bend, individual bulb, German aluminum reflectors - producing 300% more light output versus bulb alone
  • Enclosed, high performance T5 electronic ballast – cool operating and energy efficient
  • Moisture proof, 3 piece T5 sockets
  • Hamilton Super White 10,000K bulb & Hamilton Actinic Royal Blue – growth & color!
  • Individual lighting control – control the two T5 HO bulbs independent from the Moonlight LEDs
  • Two separate 10 ft power cords
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 47”L x 5”W x 5”H



Timmothy Hay Bale - About a handful taken out. Free if you want to pick it up. 



Unnamed return pump, seems like it's about 300-400gph, new in box $10



Circular frag rack, holds 16 frags $5



Sea Squirt Feeder, used a few times but my kids keep stealing it and it's easier to sell then try to find it when I need it :grin: $10



Fish trap 10.625" Long x 4" wide x 5" Tall 3.5" Diameter acrylic tube, brand new $40



Sexy Shrimp T-Shirt, Large, new with tags, never worn $10



Current Satellite 36" 96W lighting fixture, used as a backup light on a frag tank, new bulb $20


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