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Jake@River City

RCA First Friday Holiday Party!

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We're wrapping up another year and going out with a big bash. We are grateful for everyone's support and want to show our appreciation. This First Friday Sale we're adding some bonuses. 20% discounts on all livestock starting at 11 am! And the party starts at 7 pm with 30% off all livestock, plus select livestock at 50% off! We will get the 50% off list posted Thursday evening, so check back regularly. In addition, we will have all frozen foods at 20% off, Fritz Salt 200 gallon boxes on sale at $49.99, the new Aqueon Shrimp tanks at 25% off, and the sleek Aqueon Framless tanks at 20% off. We'll be popping the corks at 7 pm with free wine, beer, and food. We'll see you there!


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Here's a list of the 50% OFF DEALS starting at 7 pm Friday evening. Don't miss out!

Onyx Clowns Regular $24.99 SALE $12.49
Maroon Snowflake Clowns Regular $89.99 SALE $44.99
Lightning Maroon Clown (big size) Regular $89.99 SALE $44.99
Gold Nugget Maroons Regular $89.99 SALE $44.99
Bullethole Clowns Regular $79.99 SALE $39.99
Picasso Clowns Regular $29.99 SALE $14.99
Orchid Dottybacks Regular $49.99 SALE $24.99
Red Firefish Gobies Regular $9.99 SALE $4.99
Green Emerald Crabs Regular $8.99 SALE $4.49
Mexican Turbo Snails Regular $2.99 SALE $1.49
Green Fungia Plates 1-2" Regular $29.99 SALE $14.99
Montipora Setosa Frags Regular $24.99 SALE $12.49
Toxic Green Bubbletip Anemones Regular $44.99 SALE $22.49
Yellow Labs 2" Regular $6.99 SALE $3.49
Nim. Venustus 4-6" Regular Males $44.99 Females $29.99 SALE Males $22.49 Females $14.99
Red Cherry Shrimp Regular $4.99 SALE $2.49
Columbian Tetras Regular $2.99 SALE $1.49



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