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Reefer Dad

Misc. reef supplements and additives - $70 (reduced to $50)

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The list (and level) from bottom left and then snaking around to top left:

  • Red Sea Coral Colors A, B & C 500ml (50% full) - exp. dates are 05/20, 06/20 and 11/20 respectively
  • Seachem Reef Iodide 500ml (50%)
  • Seachem Reef Calcium 500ml (25%)
  • Seachem Reef Complete 500ml (100%)
  • Seachem Reef Trace 500ml (25%)
  • Seachem Reef Carbonate 500ml (100%)
  • Seachem Reef Carbonate 2L (25%)
  • Kent Marine Tech M Magnseium 1.9L (25%)
  • Seachem Reef Kalkwasser 500g (50%)
  • Kent Marine Superbuffer-dKH 500g (75%)
  • Dr.Tim's Aquatics Eco-Balance 240ml (25%)
  • Dr.Tim's Aquatics Waste-away 475ml (25%)
  • Seachem PhosGaurd 4L (25%)

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