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Alan Fischer

2 Radion Xr15 pro gen 3's with mounts (will sell both or individually)- see description

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Ok, I've got 2 radion xr15pro's gen  3 with different conditions

Both manufacturing dates are Aug.11 2014

The first one I didn't use at all. I didn't figure out the other one before I got out of the hobby.

So the first one is practically new. So with light and mount, hanging hardware and diffuser, I'd like $280 for that one

The second one is the one I used more.... maybe 6-8 months.

It has a cosmetic damage on the corner but it does not interfere with the working of the light

The mount isn't as "firm and tight" as with the other one

I must have had the cable going under a piece of furniture because some of the outside insulation was worn off, but again, it does not affect the performance at all. I'm happy for you to check it all out before buying.  I would like $240 for this one.

I'll sell both together for $480



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