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fuge reverse flow plenum will it work

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I have an idea for my new fuge (20 gallon tall). Im thinking of piping the water that enters the fuge, under the substrate. Underwater spray bar of sorts. This should force the debris from the macro, out from under the substrate rather than settling underneath and creating the zone of crud. Not that there is anything wrong with the zone of crud as a low oxygen de nitrate zone, but I dont see the need at this time. The water will then flow over a partition and exit the fuge. I need some input on why this will work or why not and any ideas. I read some stuff about plenums. There is tons. I did use undergravel filters when I had fresh water tanks. That forced air underneath and sucked water out.
I'm old and don't have that much time to get educated to the fullest on using one with a salt water tank. I plan on having macro, pods and other things growing in it. Would a base (undergravel filter), egg create on pvc or something like that, rock rubble then some calcium media on top of that be ok. Force the water under and it should push up. I think sand is too fine and will create a messy cloud if disturbed.
For the future I was planing on building an ATS that will sit on top of the fuge as an way to convert waste to food.
Im sure I forgot something but company has arrived so i must put on "the host with the most" hat

This is posted on RC and R2R

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Seems like it would work.  Long ago I set up a saltwater tank with an undergravel filter plumbed for reverse flow and it worked fine.

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It'll work fine.  Back in the 90's a company sold an "all in one" system with a surface skimmer and a pump feeding a reverse undergravel filter.  A professor with a university in New York did some testing with it and a 30 gallon system was able to process the equivelent of over a pound of food a day.

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