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Neon Reefer

Sell Off Getting out

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I need this gone this week end  First $500 takes it all.

Text is the key to reaching me   


I'm located in Cedar Park and available all weekend 

150 Gal XT tank w/ Cherry Hood and Stand -

100 lbs Mixed Live Rock - 50 lbs of CoralCrete and  60 lbs Special Grade Reef Sand -

40 Gal DIY Custom Sump w/ 2x Compartments w/ Dual Bubble Baffles -

Reef Breeders Photon 48  126 - programmable 90* angle - 3 watt LEDs running at 276 watts max + 108 watt T5s = ~

.Jecod DCT 8000 Return Pump @ 2100 gph (1000 gph at 7 ft head pressure).

1500 gph Single Corner Overflow w/Single 1/2" return line and 2X 1/4" return flex nozzles  -  

  Lil Fishy 150 Media RX powered by manifold 

Eshopps PSK 150 in Sump Skimmer w/ Sicce 940 gph pump -

3X  programmable dosing pump 


 Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper w/ Net email / text alerts via DA Net Webserver 2.0

100 gal per day 5 stage RODI

Flipper max with extra blades

 fish go with the system.  No coral

Pair of breeding skunk clowns

Rabbit fish

Melanurus wrasse

Flame hawk

3 PJ Cardinals


tank shot.jpg

Plus a tom of supplies and chemicals including a 10 Gal JBJ LED tank  used for quarantine tank

Everything working just needs a good cleaning when broke down. 

Easily a $2500 system new  This is 20% of cost

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