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Sump and tanks and 1 Rena filter

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10G (Sump with bioballs ), Sump with trays
29G (30x12x19), 29G (30x12x19), Sump with no trays or roller. 

Rena filter

Got them free from here, didn’t end up using all so putting them back here for someone else’s use. Pickup in south Austin or can schedule a pick up in north Austin between hours of 8-2 call or text 5129552777 pick up one or all. Don’t know if Rena works or not as I have not plugged it in






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On 6/18/2018 at 12:11 PM, Bburrage04 said:

29G (30x12x19), 29G (30x12x19), Sump with no trays or roller.

Very interested.will pm you.

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