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Reefer Dad

Large Purple Monti Cap (8"+ diameter) - $50, now $40 w/ updated pictures (SOLD)

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(Center screen below) Nice dark purple color and you can see the babies below are darker due to the lower light.  It is on a "pedestal" of another coral it overtook in the last year, so I can try to break it off with the pedestal if you like.

IMG_6730_Fotor a.jpg

IMG_6731_Fotor b.jpg

IMG_6726_Fotor c.jpg

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How big of a piece were you thinking?  ...was thinking someone would want the larger one in tact. 

I have smaller pieces available as well (hiding out behind the rocks). I have one that's about 4" across; I'd be willing to part with the 4" for $20.

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