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Waterbox 135.4 tank, Reef Breeders Photo v2, DC Skimmer

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Hi All, in the process of upgrading from a Waterbox 135.4 to a custom 165g tank, I've changed a good bit of my equipment and want to sell what is left. All equipment is about 7 months old except a couple items marked. Here is a list, and I will get pictures as needed:

  • Reef Breeders Photon v2 LED Light 32" (got in a trade from Eddius-Maximus, but it ended up being a bit too long for my final frag tank) - $300
  • Simplicity DC240 skimmer - $150
  • Waterbox 135.4 tank, 2 tiny scratches, otherwise in like new condition. Coralline all scraped off and tank is still running at the moment - $1250

I also have some live and dry rock if anyone needs pukani/marco rock. R2R build thread has pics of almost everything: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/caravans-waterbox-135-4-in-austin.342521/

Pickup is in South Austin near Dripping.

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