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Free Tanks and Sumps

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Cleaning out the shed. Could be they all leak, could be none of them leak. I am not going to test them. These have been in my backyard shed for too long and I am never going to use them again. Rather give them away than smash them up and throw them away, if possible.
Located in NW Austin. I don't care if one person wants everything or if it's multiple people. I just want this stuff gone.

In order of attachments and from bottom to top of the photos:

1) 21G (24x12x17), 10G (both pending)
2) 31G (pending) (36x12x17) & 10G (Sump with bioballs and ceramic blocks), Sump with trays and roller
3) 29G (30x12x19), 29G (30x12x19), Sump with no trays or roller

I will not be in front of the computer all day, but will check frequently. Gonna give it a couple of days then throw this stuff out.



Group 1.jpg

Number 2.jpg

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