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**** 40g Breeder Saltwater Set Up ****

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Will be moving soon and I am having to downsize for the moment. I just took this tank down about few days ago (2/11/18). It still has a little bit of water in there for the live sand. The tank was running for roughly 4 years. No leaks or anything.

  • 40g Breeder Tank
  • Real nice dark wood stand w/2 access doors
  • Current USA T5 and Halogen light fixture (Plenty of life on the Lights)
  • HOB Reef Octopus skimmer (Classic 100 model) Rated 60-100 Gallons
  • Fluval 50 HOB filter (has media and filters)
  • Aqueon 200W Heater
  • MIsc. stuff (thermometer,algae cleaner/scraper,feeding clip)

$250.00   Motivated to sell!!!








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