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Oh s[emoji90][emoji90]t!!

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Not knowing the  history of this tank im going to say maybe it might have a prob and maybe not. The silicone between the 2 pieces of glass are what holds the tank together. The piece you see thats come off might have been a second bead added after the first. If the glass was not "absolutely" clean water can get under it and it will come loose. Also if the first bead got the least bit tacky, the second bead will not stick to it very well.  Keep an eye out for what look like tiny bubbles in the seam. If you see those I think something will need to be done. The current trend is to not have that second bead in designer tanks now days , for that super clean look. Along with black silicone. Understand i dont know your tanks history so these are just my thoughts on what I have experienced over the years.

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