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Reef Tank set up in Kyle - Help needed

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Finally have the funds to set my 125 gallon reef tank up. I have the tank pre drilled and a stand with two sumps along with a bunch of miscellaneous equipment from the previous owner.

if someone who is very knowledgeable with plumbing and has experience with tank set ups is willing to come over and help that would be amazing. For your troubles I could give you a mr aqua 12g tank or a new 165w Chinese led light.


i live in kyle in the hometown kyle neighborhood. Let me know if your interested in assisting.

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Hey Marvollo,

I live in Wimberley and could come over and help you get started. Its not all that hard once you figure out what creatures you want inside your tank. I had a 125 for 2 years. Made my own stand and turned a 55 into a sump. I also had a closed loop for added circulation. Kessels for lights, all computer controlled.

Give me a call if you are interested. 415 Two Four Four 198 Seven


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I live down this way as well, but will be traveling a lot over the next few weeks.

What specifically are you want to set up?  Have you planned out the tank and plumbing at all yet?  If you post pictures of the tank I'm sure we can all help you with the design before you're ready to actually assemble everything.  Having a plan helps immensely, and lets you know what parts to have on hand.

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Thanks for the replies. I plan on running the two sumps if possible. One for a refugium, and the other for skimmer, reactors, and the tank return.

The tank will be a mixed reef and controlled with a reef angel set up. I have a lot of piping and equipment but am not opposed to purchasing needed plumbing.

The sump on the left is sitting on a platform and has two holes for pipes on the right side to drain into sump two on the right.

Which sump should be the refugium?

Should I send both tank drain pipes to one sump or split them going to seperate sumps with a valve on one drain for the refugium.

it looks like the sump on the right was set up for an external return pump. I have a brand new quiet one 5000 pump that I plan on using.

is it best to run a seperate pump for a skimmer or tap into the return or drain to feed the skimmer?

it looks like the previous owner tried to make some kind of wave maker that connects to some of the return piping. Any idea if that should be utilized? 3rd picture down











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Below is what the previous owner sent me if that helps. I am not sure if the previous set up is the best option for me due to the drains being run horizontally and lots of valve control potentially decreasing drain and flow efficiency.



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Looking at the drawing i see what the previous owner did. I can come over and explain how it goes together and what i would change. Call me.  You have 1 long Internal overflow box with 2 drains (Herbie), we can make those pretty silent. Both drains need to go into the first sump. The skimmer should go in the first sump (its internal yes?). The second sump can be your refugium, with the return to the tank coming out of it.The return pump you have can be internal or external so it will be your choice. Kinda depends on any holes that are all ready there. They can be plugged if needed.

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