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Kole Tang behavior

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My new Kole Tang is showing interesting and quirky behavior.  It seems to only happen when I'm about to go to bed and turn off the house lights, and the tank is still tapering off it's moonlight setting.  I'm wondering if he displaying aggression at his reflection in the glass when the tank lights are on, and the room is dark. When I turn the house lights back on, he seems to settle down, when I turn the tank lights off, he goes back into his cave behind the rocks.

As far as health and stress go, none of the other fish are going after him.  He is eating really well, he ate almost all of a large hair algae outbrake in my tank, he eats mysis, fish eggs, frozen seaweed blend and nori sheets soaked in garlic. On day 3 about 4-5 white spots showed up, one was larger than the others.  The parasites (ich?) have mostly disappeared, except for the bigger one, which is now much less prevalent. I'm keeping a close eye on all the fish and ordered some Selcon (vitamins) to add to the food.

Latest params:

Salenity Water Temp Ammonia
PO4 (ppm) Fe (mg/l)
1.026 78 0 0 1 8.2 8.4 425 1280 0.05 0.18



Jump to 6:24 to see the lights go out and the behavior change.

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