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HOB U-Tube cleaning tool

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Lately I've noticed how much algae and by virtue of the algae, basic gunk, was in my overflow u-tubes.  Not sure just how much flow they might be inhibiting, but some, certainly.  The biggest issue was not being able to see trapped air that needed to be cleared every now and then.  Thought about buying some type of flexible beaker/test tube bristled cleaner, but that seemed likely to cost more than I wanted to spend, so I came up w/ this today, and it worked great!


Materials used:



Slip knot, looped and through, make sure to bend sponge so that scrubby side is outside:




The thinner of the two tubes - 1" maybe? - dirty dirty:



After 1 pull through:


After 3 pulls through:


The larger of the tubes - 1.5"?

Nothing much just using the one sponge section, so doubled up and offset them - seemed like the best way to get push against the inside wall, but not be took thick to pass through.



After 1 pull through:


After 3 pulls through:



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nice... soak it in vinegar, then pull it through a couple more times? :)

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