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My First Skimmerless System

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This video shows has a closeup of the Fungia polyps that were all were all born in this system.  A single anthocaulus was transplanted to a smallish limestone rock and placed in this system 8 or 9 years ago.   9 more have since have budded off from the original one.  Development of new baby plate corals start immediately after it's older sibling drops off.  In just a week or two the new polyp can be seen expanding.  Depending on how much it's shaded from other polyps it can take from about a year to several years to grow to a point where it drops off.   Polyps should not be forcibly broken off as it can kill the anthocaulus stopping any further polyp production.  The anthocaulus initially may only be a couple millimeters or about 1/16" in diameter but will grow with each new polyp and can be about 12 mm or 1/2" in diameter.  Larger Anthocauli can be gently broken off at the base and glued to a rock being very careful not to damage any of the tissue around the crown.



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