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Aaron@Just Reef

NOW OPEN "Just Reef" Aquatic Store!!!

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Come join us in celebrating the GRAND OPENING of Just Reef on October 24, 2015!

We are NOW OPEN and will be holding a raffle NOW until October 24th! Tickets are $10 a piece and prizes include:

- Orbit 20 Jellyfish Aquarium (valued at $500)

- AI Prime Lighting (valued at $210)

- 100 Store Credit!

Come join us for food, beverages, and fun! We hope to see you soon! --Just Reef Team?

Just Reef specializes in selling Fish, Coral, Invertebrates, Live Rock, Aquarium Supplies, and much more. Just Reef strives to bring in quality livestock from reputable distributors across the nation to satisfy your needs.

Starting up an aquarium with quality RO/DI water is critical whether you are a freshwater or saltwater hobbyist. Just Reef is proud to supply fish hobbyist with the highest quality of ultra pure water for your tank.

Our water goes through a tedious process before it enters your tank. First, "Texas hard water" processes through a Kinetico water softener including a pre-stage carbon filter. From there, the water processes through a 4-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) & De-ionization (DI) unit. First stage being the micron sediment pre-filter (Stage 1), Volatile Organic Compound (VOC's) removing Carbon Block (Stage 2), a special TFC/HI-S RO triple membrane (Stage 3), and finally a mixed bed DI resin filter (Stage 4) polishes RO water for ultra pure water of the highest quality.

Just Reef uses Seachem's premium line of AquaVitro Salinity salt mix which is one of the highest quality sea salts on the market.

Just Reef is continuously bringing in new livestock each week. Join our JRC (Just Reef Club) membership to save throughout the year!

Just Reef

6800 Westgate Blvd. Suite 110

Austin, TX 78745

(737) 222-6526


Instagram: @just.reef








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Looking great! Meg and I will do our best to make it.

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