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New Referral Program

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Hello my fellow reefers,

I am excited to introduce my new program for referrals. Some have already taken advantage of the previous program and made out like bandits with free corals just for having me help their friends/family with their home sale/purchase. Sorry guys, I don't do leases but if you ever need any help with that, I can always refer you to an agent that can.

My new referral program is very exciting to me for personal reasons (I get to collect some really awesome frags) and hopefully be exciting for everyone on the club as well (because you get to have them)!

You ready to hear more?dribble.gif

Alright! That's the spirit!

If you happen to know anybody that is contemplating selling their current home or purchasing a new home, just give them my contact information (in my signature) or have them visit my website, www.TyTheRealEstateGuy.com. Tell them to say that you sent them to me so I know who the referral is coming from. It would also help if you sent me a PM as a heads up so that I can link the ARC screen name to the actual person (it might be hard for me to figure out the scoobydoobyscolymia is really Steve doh.gif).

For the referral, you will have your choice of any TWO 1st-tier frags that I have available. I have them listed below and will try to keep the list updated as possible.

Now the fun part! If your referral ends up selling their house or buying a house with me, then you will also get ONE 2nd-tier frag and ONE coveted 3rd-tier frag of your choice upon closing. Happy reefing!


1st Tier Frags:

-Screaming green birdsnest

-green fungia plate

-kryptonite candy cane

-red cap

-green cap

-strawberry fields cap

-red people eaters palys

-pretty penny zoas

-fire and ice zoas

-a cinnamon paly

2nd Tier Frags:


-purple stylo

-ORA Jeremy's monti

-yellow scroll coral

-superman monti

-jedi mind trick monti

-warp speed monti

-sunsets monti

-a grandis paly

-king midas zoas

-purple death palys

-candy apple red palys

-Tubbs blue zoas

-pink zippers palys

-armor of god palys

-cat eyes palys

-bam bam zoas

-cherry bomb/zombie eyes zoas

-pink chalice


3rd Tier Frags:

-Neon green surhasoni

-Oregon Tort

-Blue tenius

-ORA Hawkins Echinata

-Ice Fire Echinata

-Orange fungia plate

-Candy Apple Orange/bowser paly

-superman mushroom

-orange mandarin zoas

-fruit loop zoas

-Japanese deepwater sunburst zoas

-Japanese deepwater blue jade zoas

-rainbow stylo

-hologram monti

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the orange fungia is third tier!?!

looks like im selling.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Those babies are home-grown, FarmerTy exclusives! They originated in the 125-gallon tank and got transferred to the 215-gallon... never seen anything besides that!

I forgot to put the hologram monti on there as well... 3rd tier!!!

The tiering system is scientifically rooted and purely based on... well that one's pretty... oooh... but that one is prettier... to... man, I'd give up my left hand for that frag!

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