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My new brokerage

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Hello ARC community!

I just wanted to pass along the exciting news if you haven't already noticed, but I have moved to a smaller, boutique brokerage, Austin City Realty, as I liked their business mentality of customers first! I also missed the more intimate feel and comradre of a smaller company and ACR was the perfect fit. Oddly enough, the acronym is close enough to our very own ARC (some might say that is why I chose to join the brokerage) that occasionally I switch it in my email address, [email protected]

Anyways, just wanted to mention it to everyone that I am with a new company now, same great service, same ol' Ty, just with a new email address and some fancy new business cards.

I will be changing up the referral system as well, as I have something very new and exciting to introduce to everyone on the club. You're going to love it! I'll post details soon once I get it up and running!


Ty Ta (JeeperTy)

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Realtor Man


[email protected]


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Plus I heard they had a relaxed dress code that allows pony tails. :D

Not you too el jefe!

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